Sunday, July 20, 2014

Motivation: If We Are to Do the Difficult Thing We Don't Want to Do - It's Only Because God is With Us in It

Let me admit that one of the strongest motivational drives in my nature is not to go do stuff that I should do that would actualize me.  No, that is not in my personality.  I am rather avoidant and in the natural, I tend to suffer frequently the urge to flee from difficulty. 

Now, if I am confronted with what I do not want to do and to survive, I have to confront the difficult,  then I'll struggle like a prize-fighting boxer in the ring - not to win but to get rid of the danger and once it's over, then I'll walk away. That's my nature.

That pretty much describes me and why I'll work like a devil at work but won't approach a woman I find myself attracted to.  I'll deal with something I have no choice about but if there's a choice that allows me to walk away from a challenge. I'll walk away. 

I don't like being challenged.  In fact, I hate challenges.  I won't pursue an opportunity to be promoted if it means that there's a risk that I'll lose everything if I fail.  I'll stay right where I am.  Now, if management says, you're outta here if you refuse to take that challenge, then I'll take it on and very likely succeed - just to avoid being fired and only for that reason.

Sometimes, a person will be like me and God will have to force a challenge on me or a test that I'd rather pass on if I had a choice.  God had to force things on people who belonged to him. It's all over the Bible.  One example would be Jonah the Prophet. God forced him to deal with challenge that Jonah desperately tried to flee from.  I recommend the Book of Jonah.

This morning I arrived to service late because I had overslept.  When I got there, the Pastor, my pastor David Stocker, Jr., was talking and he said that often God exhorts us to do things, to go work, not because it's an easy thing to do but because God is with us. 

So next time something to be done confronts us, if it's ours to take on, let us stop to pray and ask God, "Lord, Is this for us to do?  If I agree to do this, Will you join me, will you be with me in this hard thing?  If yes, I'll do it, I"ll take it on. If you won't be with me, I will take it that you do not will for me to take on this. In Jesus Name, Amen and Amen.

Now that is predictable -  No dark room there. If God is with you in that challenge, and you open that door you'd rather avoid opening, then trust God to light up that still dark room.

That's my contribution to you all on this Sunday afternoon. God bless you all in Jesus Name.

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