Saturday, July 12, 2014

When Satan Uses Tempting Thoughts to Discourage your Faith

This is an old method that Satan tried using on me a few times but I’ve gotten wise to it.

He’s tried getting me to doubt that God didn’t exist but since I had enough faith to shake that one off, he used something else.

He then tried to believe that even though God exists, that I’ve sinned so terribly that God’s grace does not extend to me.  At other times, the devil’s then tried to convince me that I am somehow the exception to God’s promises and that I’ve somehow committed the unpardonable sin some time ago and that no matter how often I try to repent, that my sins will be somehow resistant to Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross.

Have any of you out had similar experiences to these that I’ve had?  For some reason, I don’t think I’m the only who’s had discouraging thoughts like these run through my mind.

Now, what got me thinking about these two types of discouraging temptation thoughts are that they contradict each other.

On one hand, the devil tries to convince you that God doesn’t exist at all so there’s nothing for you to even repent for.

On the other hand, the same voice that said that God didn’t exist at all now comes and says that God does exist but that there’s nothing He can do for you so don’t even bother getting saved that it will all be for nothing.

Conclusion, on both counts, Satan is lying to you. God does exist and yes, if you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior and Lord, then you are saved by Jesus Christ so God who definitely does exist does extend his grace and no, you are no exception to God’s promises. They all apply to you too.

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