Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Contemplating the Isis Terrorist Organization

Thinking now

I’ve been reading news accounts and hearing comments regarding this new Isis terrorist organization that seems to be conquering large areas of Iraq and Syria. Not only are the Isis radical terrorists conquering these areas of these countries, but also committing countless atrocities such as crucifying people simply because they’re Christians, beheading them simply because they’re Christians stoning Christian women, and shooting people dead. What will it take for this murder spree to be ended?

Trying to Understand


More important question is what draws people, mostly men, join the ranks of these inhuman barbarians and participate in this insane orgy of mass murder and serial murder.

Looking back at my own Morbid Imaginations

I remember when I was a lost teenager, in a good school, living in the home of a good family, with privileges, and yet I found myself fantasizing the doing of murder of people whom I disliked, or whom I suspected disliked me. I never murdered anyone, thank God! If I had done so, I don’t know what I would have done with myself or how I would have been able to continue living with myself. But I do have a lot to thank God for more than I’ll ever know I owe him for.

Like a lot of young men going out, going to school, working, and having sexual relations with countless women – I did some of that. Many times the sex gratified me at least bodily. But my soul plundered for something, for some ethereal or spiritual satisfaction that I could not put my finger on to define and the need of mine. No, there were tensions, there was angst, and there was a stirring deep inside me that left me hungry for something that I did not know how to define as the need.


I realized some time in my early 40s that I needed to make my peace with God. I was sick and tired of my own sense. In essence, I was sick and tired of being spiritually dead! As a result, I asked God to forgive me for having contributed to the crucifixion murder of his son Jesus Christ.

He came on to me from within; that was glorious, the work of the Holy Spirit himself beside me healing me, leaving me, draining me of all sin from inside me, and in the end filling that empty hole, that vacuum that I lived with, and sealing me for redemption – with his glorious self. Where before I had only existed as a natural man, now I lived.

More information about Isis and the Motivations that Drive those Men to Kill

Many men from many countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and others have joined this group, Isis. They go about pillaging, murdering, doing evil in every single direction without the least regard, without any respect at all for the lives of others, without the least respect for human pain. They go about, indulging their most nihilistic fleshly Drives. They profess doing this sick thing in the name of Allah, the Muslim title of God. They do not do it to please God, they do it in order to sate their hatreds of themselves, of humanity itself, of life itself.

 Reaping the Fruits of their Hates

Consequently, the forfeit their own right, the God-given right to life itself. And they will die! There may not die right now, they may not die to three years and now, but they will die. And there will then be trial for them. It is appointed for men to die, then judgment. It’s written in the Bible. Yet these people have absolutely no fear of God. I would not want for even a second to be in their shoes. I can imagine that at some point even those who march alongside them might end up being their executioners, their killers. You cannot play with life this manner with such reckless abandon and the disrespect for life and expect that you will not be made to pay some sort of penalty. Just can’t.


All I know is that I pray that God finally will put his hand in this matter, invade this situation, and finally force all the sincerity to end the hard way or the easy way. However, I also several biblical warnings that Jesus Christ himself issued regarding the mistreatment of those who belong to him. You reject the followers of Jesus Christ, you reject Jesus Christ. If you reject Jesus Christ, then you rejected God the Father, He who sent Jesus Christ here in the first place. I don’t know about you but if I thought for one second that I may have rejected God, or Jesus Christ, then I would be quivering with terror at the idea of having committed mortal sin and ending up in the lake of fire for all eternity. The thought of that terrifies me to no end.




What I have put into words here, constitutes my thoughts in regard to this matter of the tendency of nihilistic people who are about killing, taking lives of those who have done them nothing to deserve such inhumanity. There are so many of us want to be able to understand what makes such monsters take. But now thinking it better, I have come to understand that is a better thing that I not be able to understand what makes monsters like these tick.


Going Against my own Nature to Do the Right Thing as God Commanded, not my Will Be Done but His Will be Done


I find myself, in summary, compelled to come to God and ask him to give me the power to be able to pray for these killers that they might find the urge to seek God lest they lose their souls forever. How hard it is for me to pray for someone who does murder tortures mutilates other people simply because of their spiritual convictions.

My natural inclination is to desire that these killers just die. The mass of humanity will be much better off without them being alive – that’s how I feel about them in the natural. But I myself am a murderer for I sinned and Jesus Christ had to pay with his own death for me to be redeemed from the curse of the law. Without him having laid down his life like that for my sake, there would be no hope that God could even look on me. So who am I, being redeemed former sinner, to now turn around and become judge, jury, and executioner to other sinners.  

 I am no one to cast the first stone upon anyone else. I’m obligated by God, to go against my own nature, and pray for others, to pray for the lost. And these people are lost. What more can I say regarding this matter? I cannot think of anything else to say for now about this horrible evil being done. I had to get this off my chest; just too heavy for me to carry inside and not ventilate it. Think what you will me. I am certainly not a bleeding heart liberal.

 In fact, if these people were standing trial in the court room and I was part of a jury deciding the fate, I would decide for them to be executed. Yes, I would pray that they would repent before paying with their lives for the many lives and they took. That they would pay for their bodies the penalties for their murders - I regard as fair.  I would not want them to go to hell forever.

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