Friday, July 4, 2014

God, my Heavenly Father, by the authority of the blood of your Son, my Lord and my Savior Jesus Christ, whom you sent to our earth to redeem us believers from the curse of the Law, I now approach your throne. Please hear my voice and let this prayer open hearts and turn those hearts still of stone to become as hearts of flesh. I have been always, dwelt on myself and on my needs and desires and not so much on the lives of my fellow men and women. That was wrong and I repent. For this I plead your forgiveness. What selfishness there is still in me, liberate me from this vicious addiction. Let me now focus my heart and voice on the plight of those Christians out there wherever they find themselves to continue hoping in your deliverance of them from the snare of their enemies and those who would crush them. Deliver them all as you delivered the Israelites when they found themselves trapped between the Red Sea behind them and the chariots of Pharaoh as the butchers driving them came to destroy your people. You opened up ways when there was not only a little earlier. You made them cross and then when the chariots were only feet or yards behind them, you destroyed those who possessed of spirits of pride and arrogance were then swallowed up by the walls of water when these collapsed. You have rescued the children of Israel so many times that it is documented in many pages in your word. Your Word gave hope to many of us of old times. You strengthened them in the upper room and took away their fear through the might of the Holy Spirit. You gave Paul and Silas strength and hope to sing after taking savage beatings in jails. You sent earthquakes. You inspired your followers of your Son Jesus to take inspiration to write the Book of Hebrews. This book inspired countless Jews to throw off demons of fear to remain with you even as they were being persecuted. You strengthened countless Christians to allow the Romans to crucify them and set their feet on fire as they were already nailed to crosses. You gave them strength to sing moments before those hungry lions were unleashed against them. Against such and many cruelties, your faith grew and grew and the Romans could not separate your Spirit from claiming for your Kingdom more and more souls. And the devil was frustrated beyond belief. And me too, Dear Father, you claimed me too and gave me to your glorified Son. I who once hated you, I who once mocked your son before others as just another guy, I who once exalted myself - I who was once an enemy of yours - you forgave me and now see your Son inside me. One morning, I was so tired of being living in sin, I was disgusted with myself and came to you and asked you to forgive for having contributed to your Son's death on that cross. And you did not turn me away. No, my Heavenly Father - this former enemy of yours, you embraced me. You sent to enter me the Holy Spirit who took with his hand, every last sin I was weighed down with from within. Thank you for delivering me from myself, my Heavenly Father. Today, I worried about my economic situation as it is, in the natural, looking bleak. I have been a good student in the art of worrying about things that have not yet happened. But I am sick of worrying. So while I still have access to some resources, let me then do this for you. Let me think of those brothers and sisters who face savages who seek to kill them. Let me pray to you to strengthen rescuers for him. Raise up judges such as Gideon, and Samson. Raise up mighty king warriors such as David to go before those who intimidate them and us to fear fearing whose who are not to be rightly feared for they can kill only the body but You alone can kill the body and spirit. Use this period to teach those who go against you and kill your followers, those who persecute and do violence against your love on this earth to learn to fear you. Give victory to your followers in all these lands. Give greater courage and give more than anything your presence to them in the presence of their enemies that these would learn to respect your very name. Give us this opportunity to turn defeats into victories that more and more would join our ranks and march without fear of men, without fear from attacks. Teach those who mock and ravage your people to fear your Word and your authority. Teach them that it is time for them too to repent of their evil ways. You did it with me. You taught me to fear you, to love you, to seek you, to repent of my sins. You taught me, you encouraged me to throw off the old man of darkness and to put on the New Man who is Jesus Christ himself. Surely, if you delivered me from the lower and worse parts of myself, of my flesh, you can intervene in all these lands. Let it be done in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ who speaks for you through the Holy Spirit. Amen and Amen. Roberto E Fiad

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