Friday, December 1, 2017

Morality -The Worst Sin’ is Doing Evil in God’s Name

| National Review

"Ravi Zacharias And Dennis Prager The Death Of Truth, The Decline Of Culture Q&A". 2017. Youtube. Accessed December 2 2017.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

From Drug Smuggler to Bible Smuggler - Open Doors USA

From Drug Smuggler to Bible Smuggler - Open Doors USA

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This article illustrates how God can take any human being regardless how fallen and lost, and redeem that soul and use him or her to serve the Kingdom of God and join in God's Plan for the Redemption of Mankind.

Friday, September 8, 2017

God and Me and You: What Useful Purpose has my Life Served So Far?

With no glorious or exemplary achievement to claim, what can I say unto God when I show up in front of His Throne upon my eventual death and the trial?  

Sooner or later, I’m going to have to give to him an account of my life down here on Earth.  I don’t look forward to it.  I have very little, if any good at all, that I can say would have been a testimony of service.

An only son, I grew up self-centered, selfish, unloving, but mostly decent.  I’ve produced no family, no business enterprise, nothing major that I can claim as something of my own, no glory that I can claim as having been mine.  

I’ve been in no love relationship that created anything lasting, I’ve given no great gifts nor contributions have I given forth to relieving the sufferings of others, nothing major other than something here, something there, nothing memorable to recall.  And when I was still a growing boy, whatever honor I got, it was for my ego, my own vainglory. 

No wonder then that I have no happy expectation of appearing before the Lord Jesus and the Father who has given me, for starters, Life Everlasting, and my own body, good parents, a good home, and countless good things that I never earned in my own right.  I have no glories to boast about. 

Maybe that’s a good thing.

What worthwhile purpose has my Life served God then? Has He been glorified because I came to exist on this earth and spent a number of decades so far down here? This man who for a long while was even ungrateful and arrogant, and proud without a valid reason for being proud?

I can say that, if this life of mine, has done anything even approaching worthwhile, it is to point in the direction of God Himself.

He redeemed me from all the bad that I had been and was, and did. No, I did not go doing any robberies, no muggings, nor murders, nor selling drugs or alcoholic drinks, nor smokes.  I was just an average self-centered selfish guy.  And for a while, I HATE ADMITTING IT, I HATED GOD AS I HAD simultaneously both loved and hated myself.

He, the God, has loved me even as I hated Him, Died for Me on that Cross as I was even his enemy and hated Him. 

Through me, He – GOD – proved beyond any doubt, that if someone as spiritually void as I was and coldhearted as was I – could be redeemed from my own lower self, then as long as anyone out there is still living, breathing, existing as a live human being, that person or all of those persons too – have no right to give up on themselves or on Love, not on God’s Love for them. 

They too need to know that God Loves them even though they may have been brainwashed in their younger years to regard themselves even inappropriate for Life.

What useful purpose if any then, can I say, my Life has served God for?

You know those pointers that teachers and lecturers use to point to something on a chart or blackboard that they need or want a student to understand?

Let my Life then have served as a Pointer instrument in the hand of Jesus Christ using it to point toward His and the Father’s Love for you whether you know it or not.

Okay, now – if and when God calls me to show up before His Throne and give an account of my life – all that I will say is that my Life is a pointer to show that if He could still Love me even when I didn’t know how to love at all, or love things not worth loving, and didn’t do much or anything that I could claim as having served well Him,

Then there is pretty much a great deal of Hope for all those people out there in the world who need to know that Big Truth.

It was kind of difficult for me to write a confession like this one, with my ego, and a history of prideful thoughts and all. But I don’t want to show up and say to Him that not even this I did, because I wanted to refuse to humiliate myself when humiliating myself in His Service, was the very least I could do for Him.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Communists Plan November Sedition, Riots to End Trump-Pence "Regime" - The Organic Prepper

Communists Plan November Sedition, Riots to End Trump-Pence "Regime" - The Organic Prepper

This type of assembly, just assembling for this type of activity even if nothing further is done, amounts to TREASON. This is calling for the overthrow of the United States Government.

These people seeking to overthrow our current President and Vice President should be arrested, arraigned, and tried for just that - treason. They're seeking to organize assembly on US soil for the purpose of overthrowing a legally elected and inaugurated US President and Vice-President.

These communists and other leftists are enemies of our government and enemies of us, the American people.  President and Vice President Trump and Pence didn't get into power by doing revolution but by election by the American people.  Enough of the US states through the Constitutionally mandated electoral college voted these two into power.

You dare to try to take them down - that's treason on your part. You're at war with the United States and with the American people.